Digital influencers. Social media stars.
Vloggers extraordinaire. “Made at Smashbox” is a revolutionary new program for people who produce addictive material focused on beauty, fashion and entertainment to create next-level content.
Our brand new studios include state-of-the-art camera equipment, first-of-its-kind lighting systems and customizable green screens so your content always looks amazing. We also offer makeup artists, stylists and every professional studio service you can imagine. Whether it’s a cool beauty how-to or a street style report, fresh content always makes the day better.
At iconic Smashbox Studios in L.A., where legendary photographers shoot magazine covers, major fashion spreads and more. Our doors are officially open.
The lights are on. The cameras are rolling.
What will you make at Smashbox?
Smashbox Shades
Three ideas for prom.
Prom Expectations vs. Realities
Expectations for prom over the years.
How to Stay Beautiful Forever
What age is the most beautiful? If you could stay that way forever, would you?

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